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Welcome to Dani McDonough Photography https://www.danimcdonoughphotography.com/blog/2015/3/welcome Welcome! 


I am so excited to welcome you to the colorful world of Dani McDonough Photography!  Some of you have experienced my work first hand over the past couple of years, and others of you may have seen photos on my Facebook Page.  And if you are one of the few who have not yet experienced my work, I am excited to introduce you to Dani McDonough Photography!


I started Dani McDonough Photography in 2011 when my passion for photography grew into much more than a hobby. I have begun to offer a variety of photography services and if you, or someone in your life, are in need of a photographer I would love to talk with you.  You can check out my website for a full list of services that I offer, but here’s a short outline share with you.  And if you have a specific request, please ask!


Portrait Session

Once you graduate high school you no longer get that annual updated headshot! If it’s time to have a new portrait that doesn’t include a cropped out arm in it, a Portrait session is the perfect fit.   


Family Portrait Session  

Those family vacation photos don’t always turn out as expected, and maybe the last time you got a family portrait your young child was a toddler.  

Family Portraits can be done both indoors and outside.  Discovery Park is a favorite destination for Family Portrait Sessions.


Weddings & Celebrations  

There are a few times throughout your life that you need an event well documented. I offer a variety of customized wedding packages for your upcoming celebration.

If you have a special event from a product launch to an Anniversary, let’s talk about how a dose of Dani McDonough Photography can help!


Art Gallery

After much demand by both friends & family, I’ve finally launched a preview of some of the images available for purchase via prints, canvas, metal and more!  Please send me a message if you are looking for a particular image, and I can get it on here for you.


I’ve given myself the challenge to share one photo every month along with a short little back story of the image on my Blog.  And I invite you to follow along for the journey.  Thank you for all of your support over the years, I am so excited to be sharing Dani McDonough Photography  with you! If you have any questions please let me know. You can also keep in touch with me at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


p.s.   Be sure to head to my Facebook Page and click “Like” today as I will be making a drawing from all new likes for a Free Portrait Session!  




Dani McDonough

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Moon+Sang=Love https://www.danimcdonoughphotography.com/blog/2014/8/moon-sang-love It is such a delight to witness how things unfold.  One thing leads to another and before you know it, you've landed yourself smack dab in the middle of sweet serendipity!  And such is the story of Moon & Sang.  As "fate" would have it, I found myself in Hawaii and near a friend during the time of her wedding.

What a huge honor to be asked to photograph the celebration and be part of their family!  Enjoy this sneak peek of their day.  Many more images to follow...I promise!  



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Wedding Blessing https://www.danimcdonoughphotography.com/blog/2014/5/weddingblessing  

For Marriage
As spring unfolds the dream of the earth,
May you bring each other’s hearts to birth.

As the ocean finds calm in view of land,
May you love the gaze of each other’s mind.

As the wind arises free and wild,
May nothing negative control your lives.

As kindly as moonlight might search the dark,
So gentle may you be when light grows scarce.

As surprised as the silence that music opens,
May your words for each other be touched with reverence.

As warmly as the air draws in the light,
May you welcome each other’s every gift.

As elegant as dream absorbing the night,
May sleep find you clear of anger and hurt.

As twilight harvests all the day’s color,
May love bring you home to each other.

“For Marriage” by John O’Donohue in To Bless the Space Between Us,
(Doubleday) © 2008.

With these rings ...With these rings.

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